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Performance characteristics


1. The load capacity of the container bag is between 0.5-3T, the volume is between 500-2300L, and the insurance factor can be designed according to user needs. 2. According to the content, the goods are divided into two categories: bulk cargo container bags and small-package cargo container bags, which are suitable for one-time use and turnover use.

3. According to the shape of the container bag, it is divided into three types: round, square and U-shaped. 4. The lifting structure includes top hanging type, side hanging type and bottom hanging type, usually with inlet and outlet.

Tons of bags


Applicable type: reusable/disposable


Shape: square / rectangle /

Lifting method: top hanging/side hanging/bottom hanging

Raw material: Polypropylene (PP)

Load capacity: 0.3 tons - 2 tons


  • Type C conductive bag

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  • Tons of bags

  • conductive bag

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