The function of light stabilizer in container bag

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1) First, analyze the light

The light in nature can be described simply by wavelength. Generally, the light below 290 and above 3000 is filtered out by the ozone layer and space. Theoretically, we only analyze the light between 290 and 3000 bands. We call it analyzable light. We call 290-400, which only accounts for 5% of the analyzable light, ultraviolet. We call 400-800, which accounts for 40% of the analyzable light, visible. We call 800-3000, which accounts for 55% of the light, infrared. The UV rays from 290 to 400 can damage the container bag.

2) How to avoid the destructive power of ultraviolet

1) Shield ultraviolet rays, such as childish carbon black, etc

2) Quench UV, use hindered amine light stabilizer

3) Reflected ultraviolet

4) Absorbs UV light.

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