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China's plastic bags are mainly exported to Japan and South Korea, and are developing shopping malls in the Middle East, Africa, the United States and Europe. Due to the production of oil and cement, the Middle East region has a large demand for container bag products; in Africa, almost all of its public oil enterprises mainly develop plastic woven products, and the demand for container bags is also large.

Africa can bear the quality and level of our country's container bags. Therefore, when we open the shopping malls in Africa, the primary production material is polypropylene. After mixing some stable ingredients, the plastic film is made by melting in the extruder, and after a series of cutting, stretching, heat setting, spinning, coating, sewing and other technological processes, the final container bag is not large The problem. The United States and Europe have very high requirements for the quality of container bags, and China's container bags can not meet their requirements.

The quality of the container bag is very important. There are strict specifications for the container bag products in the market, and the focus of the specifications is different. Japan attaches importance to details, Australia attaches importance to forms, and the European community attaches great importance to functional technical indicators of products. The United States and Europe have stringent requirements for containerized bags in terms of UV resistance, anti-aging and safety factor.

"Safety factor" is the ratio between the product's large bearing capacity and the additional planning load. First of all, it is necessary to see whether the contents of the container bag are several times higher than that of the container bag, whether the contents and the bag body are abnormal, and whether the joint is damaged. In the same specifications at home and abroad, the setting of safety factor is generally 5-6 times. Five times the safety factor of the container bag products can be safely used for a longer time.

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