Inspection method for the quality of sling and rope of container bag

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Containerized bag is a kind of transport packaging container, so its quality is very important, so there are strict standards for its quality in the market. In the measurement standard of the quality of the container bag, the sling and rope are also indispensable links; so today we will take these two points as the benchmark to talk about how to measure the quality of these two parts.

First, take samples; cut the appropriate length of sling sample at the lifting ring of the container bag, and the sling sample shall be at least two pieces.

Secondly, the tensile strength test is carried out; the specimen is installed on the fixture of a tensile testing machine with a spacing of 220mm and stretched at a speed of about 100mm / min to measure the tensile strength at the time of fracture.

The last is the elongation test; install the sample on the tensile testing machine, apply 196N tension load, draw a line with a spacing of 200 mm, stretch at a speed of 100 mm / min, when the load reaches 30% of the tensile strength f, measure the distance between the lines.

The above three points are the methods to check the quality of the two parts of the sling and rope of the container bag. I hope they can give you some help.

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