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Linyi huailiang Plastic Co., Ltd., established in 2002, has a registered capital of US $3 million and is self-employed in import and export. The company is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, the capital of logistics in China.      

      Convenient transportation and smooth logistics. We specialize in customized production of U-shaped, four piece, cylinder type internal tie bar, C-shaped conductive container bag, moisture-proof and leakproof container bags of various specifications. Relying on domestic advanced production equipment units and various professional technicians, our company annually produces 2.4 million medium and high-grade container bags. Products are sold all over the world.

    With the rapid development of society, the intensive packaging has been more and more valued by various countries and industries, so the container bag is also more and more widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, mineral, food, construction and other fields.

    The company introduces the strong sling produced by uniplas technology of Japan, which ensures the beauty and safety factor of the container bag more strongly. ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, a more scientific and rigorous management mode can make your products better, and 6S management system can provide you with a more safe and reliable on-site production environment.

    Choose huailiang packaging to ensure safety.

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Linyi huailiang Plastic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of strong sling, container bag and ton bag. It provides the best service for every strong sling, container bag and ton bag customer

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